“Tough times don’t last; tough teams do.”

We offers seamless outsourced web hosting support, remote infrastructure management and customer support services to web hosting providers, data centers and blade server companies worldwide.

Our Mission

To deliver the best possible service quality in the industry at the best prices through systematic management of all available resources.

Our Vision

Pioneer the innovations in computing solutions and cloud services while spearheading the systematic management of resources.

Our history

We are completely flexible and will provide you with a bespoke solution to meet your requirements. Crucially, budget is as important to us as it is to you. We are committed to delivering the results you desire within the budget you specify. If we can't – we promise to tell you upfront.

In 2006 as maintainers of an eCommerce website, we waited 4 days for our hosting provider to fix a simple issue and bring back our website. The website was completely broken, orders were effected and we had a large revenue loss. So we thought no business owners should face such issues.

Thus began our lifelong passion to build a tech company that helps online companies take their mind off technology, and instead focus on their business. We are a group of genuine, down to earth and caring individuals who will set out to provide you with only the best. We are perfectionist by nature, this is clearly manifested in our work and the way we do business.

For us client satisfaction is paramount, our pleasure comes from seeing a smile on our clients faces because they are over the moon with the work we do for them. We provide a very compact service, we like to spend time getting to know our clients business allowing a higher understanding of their goals and requirements to help pave the way to great business relationships

We Proudly Support

We provide support solutions through certified and experienced engineers


Our Core Values

We always work to keep our customers happy


Work Culture

SupportEagles follows a work culture that’s intrinsically conducive to high service quality by bringing out the best in all human resources. We believe that higher service quality at better prices can be achieved by adopting a streamlined system of practices that maximize utility from all available resources while minimizing and eliminating any inefficiency. SupportEagles always strives for continuous improvement, and explore new avenues of innovation and efficiency.


People / Partners

SupportEagles values the trust of our customers more than anything else. As a result, we have wholesome relations with our customers to this day. A significant portion of our revenue comes through references from our happy customers. Unlike some players in the server management industry reported with a proclivity for slighting smaller web hosts, SupportEagles highly regards each and every customer. We are proud to maintain long-term relations with our customers.



We believe in having the right products in the right place to improve the overall efficiency of the company. SupportEagles has built a lot of custom products over the time and continually work to create more products which will help us to deliver better. We have the capability and experience to cater for all your needs – from small, straight-forward projects to large, complex campaigns.



We always try to provide utmost customer satisfaction by working continuously to improve our process. SupportEagles has built a very strong reputation for providing the Full-Service and cost friendly solutions for its customer’s particular requirements.By providing a range of products in each of our specialist fields we are able to provide optimum solutions for our clients.

They Did Trust

Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that reflection.